Getting Started

by rona on July 24, 2015

You probably have realised by now that I am not a ‘techy’ – I admire them greatly – I even asked
a friend who is soooo clever with technical issues if he would be my techy in the cupboard but he
said his wife wouldn’t like it – such a shame – it would have solved so many of my problems. OK,
it might have caused a few others but let’s think big on this – there’s a blog to get out!
OK so I have had some problems with my computer and the technical side of things – I do try,
honest, and I will succeed but just at this moment trying to cope with the PC and a MAC is testing
the brain and patience.

However, you will be pleased to hear that 365 is safely installed on my MAC. It was a challenge –
the techy guys were an interesting tag team. One who had some knowledge suddenly passed the
baton to one who had less knowledge. Was this a lesson for the pupil or a challenge for the
customer? It proved to be the latter as the pupil did not know how to complete the assignment
and the customer was left high and dry. She walked away – a new dawn a new day! Taking up
the cudgel the following day and taking a very deep breath she tried to contact ‘guys’ using their
technical pathway. The test was to find your way to the middle of the maze as no one was giving
any clear directions. Eventually, success was in sight – connection to a operative in the form a
young lady from Asia.

With the dilemma explained she took control of my computer (the previous team had taken one
hour to fail to accomplish this act – do I have time for this????) and defining what I was trying to
achieve she went to work. Within a fairly short time she had removed one programme from my
computer and installed Microsoft 365 ready for me to use. What a difference a day makes! All I
have to do now is to create my email addresses and install OneDrive (oh no he cries not One
Drive (OK that has been causing me some challenges again) and we are off.