The Nordkapp Expedition

Take one Norwegian dog-racing expert, one round-the-world yachts-woman, and one high-altitude mountaineer, 26 dogs bred to run, add herds of several thousand reindeer, frozen lakes and rivers, mountains, lots of snow and place deep in Europe’s last wilderness, the Norwegian Arctic. What do you have? The Nordkapp Expedition deep inside the Arctic to the northernmost tip of Europe.

They said it couldn’t be done! The experienced mushers of Norway said it was impossible – they said the sleds were too heavy (they weighed 120 kilos) they said we couldn’t start from Signaldalen as the sleds would not be able to withstand the trail through the forest and would be broken within two days, they said that Cathy and I were too inexperienced to do the trail as Per Thore (the expedition leader and Norwegian dog racer) wanted to take us round the Haalti Mountains. They thought he was crazy to try. But Per Thore believed it could be done, he believed the sleds would withstand the punishment they would take and he believed that Cathy and I could do it. So on 10th April 2004 the three of us set off to dog-sled 600 kilometres to Nordkapp, the northernmost tip of Norway, to do a trail that had never been done before.

This is the story of how The Nordkapp Expedition turned from a dream into reality and how, with Per Thore as the leader, two women from totally different disciplines, one a British round the world yachtswoman and one a South African mountaineer, took up the challenge to prove ‘them’ wrong.  Click here for the original Nordkapp Expedition site.