Rona has been the subject of numerous broadcast media interviews both in the UK and abroad including on Bloomberg, Sky and ITV.  Her fascinating story, awe-inspiring anecdotes and down-to-earth delivery style generate an instant interest and rapport whatever the audience.

BBC 1 – Test the Nation – Explorer’s Special with Question Master Ann Robinson

The Explorers were against an array of other intelligent groups and to lose would have meant a loss of face and some interesting remarks from Ann!

Now that’s what I call scary but I am pleased to confirm that we won the day despite the challenges!


BBC 2 – Ready, Steady, Cook Explorer’s Special

It’s great to achieve great things as an adventurer or explorer but sometimes hearing about it can be slightly intimidating for others. Now, however, there was a chance to see the tables turned and to witness an explorer floored by something so simple. Ready, Steady, Cook on BBC2 saw me pitting my cooking skills (yes, I have done some Cordon Bleu cooking) against those of Andy Dare (adventurer, sailor, first-class photographer and cook) in the ever popular TV cook show. Great telly and even more fun to take part in – and yes, they really do put it all together that quickly and yet the food tastes just divine!

Ainsley was fantastic as Andy Dare and I battled with the vegetables but I knew I was facing a challenge as Ainsley said to me ‘If you try turning that round the other way you might have more success.’ What tricky culinary skill was I attempting? To peel a potato with the wrong side of the potato peeler!’