Keynote – Steering the right course

This Keynote is based on the lessons learnt as we raced against 11 other identical yachts in the World’s Toughest Yacht Race.

The audience will leave having been inspired to put into action immediately the practical leadership skills prevalent in this presentation.  Rona will share effective strategies to put you and your team on course to become a premier organisation.

Your team will understand –

  • the importance of planning any project that they are to undertake
  • the basis of how to keep to the basics in extreme conditions
  • how to get success out of failure
  • how to keep your team motivated when the going gets tough
  • how to navigate their own journey of discovery at the same time

Your team will return to their desks knowing what behaviours, attitudes and beliefs will lead to success or failure and the lessons will be remembered long after Rona has left the room.

Rona’s personal story of adventure links the challenges of racing the wrong way round the world with those in the business environment. Rona took on ‘the challenge of a lifetime’ at an age when most people would be thinking of slowing down. Her very diverse adventures enable her to work with organisations across the world empowering their staff to have the right attitude to achieve their goals.

Steering the Right Course is based on a real-life adventure which contains clear business messages on what works and what doesn’t work in leadership and teamwork. It explains how by thinking differently you can overcome obstacles and challenges and gain strategies that you can utilise immediately.

A belief that you can do it is the basis of her success so changing her life from an ‘ordinary’ single mum to becoming an adventurer she can demonstrate how challenges and change can become opportunities. She could be your ‘next door neighbour’ which gives your people a strong belief that if she can do it so can they.

All presentations are dramatically illustrated with images and video clips taken en route and each can be tailored to convey specific business messages.

‘We were very pleased to hire Rona Cant for our event. She was recommended to us, and we would not hesitate in recommending her to others. Rona’s presentation was thought-provoking, animated, attention-grabbing and exciting. Above all, it made you evaluate your own working practices long after the event was finished – sign of a very good speaker.

The correlations made from Rona’s personal life to the business world were subtle and effective using key transferable skills such as successful communication and assertiveness. This is a strong speaker and a strong presentation and we look forward to using Rona again in the future.’ Grant Thornton

‘Rona has worked with our MBA participants on a regular basis over the last 8 years. She has contributed to the MBA participants development through leading workshops and giving motivational talks for our full time and Executive MBA. Rona is very accomplished at tailoring the talk to draw out the linkages between her journey and that which the MBA participants are about to embark on. Many of the lessons she gives are very appropriate for leadership and management development.  We only get one opportunity to make a first impression on our MBA participants and that is why I have always asked Rona to give the keynote speech at our induction for MBA participants…..In my view they could not get a better start to their journey’  Oxford Brookes University, Head of MBA & Executive Development