Radio Interviews

  • BBC Radio  Woman’s Hour with Jane Garvey – Celebrating Extraordinary Women – see below some tweets the BBC received
  • BBC Radio Berkshire with Mike Read
  • BBC Radio Outlook with Matthew Bannister  – ‘Just listened to a podcast of your interview on the world service Outlook programme. It was really good – you came across not only very positive but inspiring too. Great!’  Nichola Gough,  Cotswold Family Law
  • BBC Radio with Anne Diamond – as a regular contributor
  • BBC Radio with Tony Blackburn
  • Midweek with Libby Purves
  • LBC Radio with Sandi Toksvig
  • Radio Fox FM
  • Passion FM
  • BBC Radio Ulster by John Toal
  • BBC Radio 5 Live with Eammon Holmes
  • BBC Radio Southern Counties with Bear Grylls by Tony Fisher ‘What drives Explorers to Explore?  The answer? To overcome their fears!
  • BBC Radio Berkshire by Sarah Walker, Henry Kelly, Phil Gayle & Nicki Whiteman
  • Saga Radio
  • BBC Radio Wiltshire by Gavin McCoy
  • BBC Radio 5 Live with Stephan Nolan
  • BBC Radio Oxford Breakfast programme
  • U105 by Lynda Brians

BBC Women’s Hour Tweets –  Thanks for recommendation. Incredible women. Deeply moving

@BBCWomansHour amazing prog.this morning deeply moving and humbling

Incredible stories by assorted brave women on @BBCWomansHour earlier.

Cried at @BBCWomansHour this morning. Well worth a listen.

@BBCWomansHour Will come as no surprise I’m sure that I’ve been glued to today’s episode. I should have it on a continual loop

@bbcwomanshour Such inspirational women this a.m reinforcing my belief every dark cloud has a silver lining & tragedy makes you stronger

Blown away by the incredible women on @BBCWomansHour this morning. Such inspiration for strength thru adversity. WOW.

Bloody hell. Jaw-dropping brave women @BBCWomansHour