Master-class – Steering the right course

This Master-class is based on the lessons learnt as crew member Rona on Save the Children raced against 11 other identical yachts in the World’s Toughest Yacht Race. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Keynote.

The audience will leave having been inspired to put into action immediately the practical leadership skills prevalent in this presentation.  Rona will share effective strategies to put you and your team on course to become a premier organisation.

Your team will understand –

  • the importance of planning any project that they are to undertake
  • the basis of how to keep to the basics in extreme conditions
  • how to get success out of failure
  • how to keep your team motivated when the going gets tough
  • how to navigate their own journey of discovery at the same time

‘Rona Cant was invited to share her personal insight in the field of leadership challenges with 20 senior managers.   Drawing on her real-life experiences Rona developed these experiences into a number of leadership-related themes that have equal applicability in day-to-day business.  These challenges were reinforced through tailored and interactive case studies that further tested delegates understanding.  Rona’s lively and engaging style ensured the encounter was thought-provoking and engaging, bringing to life the leadership challenges that she experienced, and how to approach them.’ Leadership & Management Division, MOD

‘Rona’s session was excellent. She is outgoing and very engaging, and ‘on the spot’ – and makes her talk relevant to others’ very different experiences.  The best thing she did was to place us squarely in the dilemmas she had to face up to and deal with, and let us wrestle with them.  Discomfort and urgency are vital to creating learning, and she led us into and through the drama of this very effectively. Rona was very alert to the responses she got. Also she got the balance in her powerful narrative of video, slides and direct speaking right, I felt. (It would be easy to fill the time with drama rather than learning!)’Adams Associates – Masterclass for 16 CEO’s