Keynote – Just do it – become the best you can be!

This Keynote is based on the obstacles and challenges as well as the triumphs that Rona has experienced on her very diverse expeditions and journey through life providing her with the skills and knowledge to help others to get out of their comfort zone to achieve their own goals.

The audience will leave knowing –

  • they will need to think differently to achieve their goal
  • they will need to change their attitude
  • they will have to be prepared to do what needs to be done to get them where they want to be
  • they will need a strong support team to help them
  • they will know that they can do it!

The audience will leave this presentation knowing that it is up to them – but only if they take action will they succeed. They will know that if Rona can do it then they can.

Rona’s personal story of changing her life from being an unexceptional single mother and PA to entrepreneur, round-the-world yachtswoman, author and renowned explorer is a story beset with obstacles and challenges which Rona has overcome by thinking differently and looking at issues from a different perspective. Skills we readily need today in the business environment.

Here Rona tells the unique, uplifting and hugely inspiring story of how she overcame her own self-doubts and fears, physical hardship, emotional turmoil and, at times, sheer exhaustion to become the inspirational success story she is today.  She will share with you how you can achieve your goals, build your support team, stay focussed and by your belief and attitude become the best you can be.

Full of energy and excitement, Rona’s enthralling and entertaining presentations provide a template for her audiences to overcome the challenges of an increasingly fast-paced world.  She has the ability to inspire and motivate others to fulfil their potential and achieve their goals; whilst her down-to-earth true grit, infectious enthusiasm and humour generate a communication style that is quite inimitable.

All presentations are dramatically illustrated with images and video clips taken en route and each can be tailored to convey specific business messages.

‘A huge ‘Thank You’ for your wonderful presentation at our event yesterday. lt was entertaining, educating, inspiring, insightful and, a word I rarely use, awesome! The feedback we’ve received from our guests and attendees has been excellent. Many came away saying they now have a much better understanding of themselves and how to tackle their own challenges and fears.  For me, it highlighted many things; the importance of recognising the vital role each member plays within a team; that positive leadership makes such a big difference to the achievements of a team and the power of understanding oneself – knowing that fear and vulnerability are common feelings in everyone which, when they’re properly understood, can be overcome so much more easily. You came highly recommended to us and l would not hesitate to recommend you to others. They too will be inspired!  Many thanks again and we hope to see you at another event soon.’ –
Chris Williams – Jennings

‘Thank you very much for your superb closing Keynote – it was one of the true highlights from a programme of exceptional and  inspiring speakers. The delegates’ feedback was quite incredible 74% gave you 5 out of 5, with the rest giving you 4. In other words, everyone thought you were EXCELLENT. Thank you for ending our conference on such a high.’  – Carsten Holm – Diversified Business Communications