Rona is living exuberant proof that whoever you wish you were, you can be; whatever you want, you can have; whatever you’re aiming for is achievable. Rona believes you should ‘Live your dreams!’

Only a few years ago, before embarking upon her epic rite of passage to become the intrepid world traveller, adventurer, and inspirational communicator she is today, Rona was the epitome of ‘ordinary’ – an unexceptional middle-aged, single parent.

However, she had a dream, a lifelong ambition to travel which was to lead her, as an alarmingly novice sailor, to join the 2000 BT Global Challenge Round the World Yacht Race, an experience which she has used as a fascinating foundation on which to build a successful career as a motivational speaker and author.

A mere two days after her successful circumnavigation, Rona flew to Canada to trek one of the world’s ten toughest trails, the notorious West Coast Trail where a combination of bears, cougars and injury made the demanding trek even more treacherous.

Leaving no time for the grass to grow beneath her, Rona then tackled the challenge of the Arctic in March 2003, dog-sledding across the frozen wilderness in temperatures as low as minus 30ºC, this time raising money for Cancer Research UK. Then, scarcely pausing for breath, she went on three weeks later, to win the inaugural Round Britain Challenge using the same boats in which she sailed round the world.

In April 2004 Rona embarked on The Nordkapp Expedition, dog-sledding 600k through the Norwegian Arctic to the northernmost tip of Europe, a trail that had not been done before and which was thought to be impossible for the team. Despite injury, storm and temperatures of minus 25ºC the three man team achieved their goal at 13.50 on Wednesday 22nd April.