Event Organiser

If you are organising an event or Conference and want to book a professional speaker whose presentation is thought-provoking, memorable and reinforces the core messages to give your Conference lasting value then Rona can help you. She is an international professional speaker, adventurer and explorer who now helps organisations ‘steer the right course’ through today’s turbulent times using experiences from her real-life adventures which relate to coherent messages for business.  Her presentations and the messages contained in them are remembered by the audience long after she has left the room.

What do event organiser’s say about Rona?

‘It was a pleasure to work with you and you were extremely easy going and very professional. Even my staff thought you were delightful! I very much look forward to working with you again in the future; it’s quite refreshing to know I can work with someone I can trust.’Julia Watson, W17Ltd

“Rona Cant gave an inspiring and stimulating presentation at our Coventry Business Academy.  Rona isn’t a typical “motivational speaker”, she is someone who has actually achieved and completed some incredible feats. The fact that she has practiced what she preaches really adds weight to the messages that she delivers. Personally what I learnt is that action counts not intent. The audience feedback was very positive and I would recommend Rona to anyone looking for a guest speaker who can make you feel that you can achieve anything if you decide to take action.” Prime Chartered Accountants

What do delegates say about Rona’s talks?

  • ‘I challenge anyone not to be inspired by Rona.’
  • ‘An excellent presenter with the skills to hold the audience’s attention. Rona is well worth listening to.’
  • ‘You held me spellbound.’
  • ‘I enjoyed the drama of the story and the way your narrative led to the various points the ‘Kids’ learned along the way. It was great to be reminded of some key messages for effective team working.’
  • ‘Inspirational speaker, full of enthusiasm, from someone who not only can explain how to overcome adversity, but who has actually been there, done that and got the T-shirt.’
  • ‘Very thought provoking and entertaining.’
  • ‘Very informative and enthusiastically presented.’
  • ‘A very enjoyable, inspiring, honest presentation.’

All Rona’s talks are dramatically illustrated with images and video clips taken en route.

While Rona can provide her talks without any equipment except for a microphone, if applicable, to enable the audience to fully appreciate the essence of her talks Rona uses a PowerPoint presentation (plus sound) of images and video clips only. The words come from her and are not on the screen.

Rona will provide an Introduction appropriate for each talk and, as an author, she does have books that can be purchased as gifts for the delegates which relate to her main expeditions – see Author