Contributor to other books

Inspiring Leadership – Staying afloat in turbulent times by Jane Cranwell-Ward, Andrea Bacon and Rosie Mackie.

The Authors set up the Inspirational Intelligence Research Forum in January 2000 through a partnership between Inspiring Performance and Henley Management College.  The BT Global Challenge provided a level playing field for a leading edge research project to identify the components of success for individuals and teams during the race.  They were to study the skippers’ key attributes, skills and behaviours before and during the race and set out to establish the impact of emotional intelligence on individual and team performance.  Data was collected through a series of interviews conducted with skippers, crew members, leggers, sponsors and race organisers before and during the race. Forum members played an important role in assisting the research team in the collection of data at each of the six ports. During the course of the project 12 Forum meetings were held where interim findings were discussed and business parallels drawn. Project groups were set up to look at business issues and Forum members researched and collated data for contribution to each of the chapters within the book. (Taken from the introduction.)

12 identical yachts, 12 identical crews with the same age range, male to female ratio, experience and expertise on each yacht made it a very level playing field.  I was asked to participate in the research and at the end of the Race Andrea asked me if I would like to contribute by writing a report of our visit to Nyanga Township just outside Cape Town.  It was a visit that humbled us to see how happy these people were despite their living conditions.

Leading for Success – The Seven Sides to Great Leaders by Andrew Kakabadse, Nada Kakabadse & Linda Lee-Davies

Andrew was Professor of International Management Development and Nada was Professor in Management and Business Research at Cranfield University School of Management at the time of writing.  Nada contacted me and asked whether it would be possible for her to interview me for the book.

As it says on the cover ‘many different specific aspects of leadership have been focused on in the past to define the concept.  From character to contingency, from context to chameleonic ability, from follower to future planning, each aspect has had its own piece of the limelight and modernity moment.  This book brings all these aspects together for moot. Leadership is examined from the heart and mind of a ‘great’ individual to the hearts and minds of followers of all levels. Perception, process, people, profit, planning, praise, promotion all have their place in a rounded look at the whole of leadership – not just little bits of it.’

Following publication Nada was kind enough to thank me for my time and my contribution to the book which she felt would attract a wider readership.

The Empty Nest – How to survive and stay close to your adult child by Celia Dodd

Celia has written extensively about family matters for newspapers and magazines, including The Times, the Independent and the Radio Times.  She has experienced each stage of the empty nest herself.  (Taken straight from the first page of her book.)

Celia had written an article about me before and knowing that I left on the BT Global Challenge Round the World Yacht Race 2000/1 just as my son was about to go to University (I’m not that hard – he decided when he was in his final year at school that he would take a gap year and apply for a totally different course at University.)  So I came from a different perspective for Celia. However, I think it helped my children in many different ways.  They have set their goals and are pursuing the lives they want to lead – whether this was due to my leaving or whether it was inherent in them already only time will tell.