Rona loves to write about her adventures and contribute where applicable to other authors’ works.  She is now a member of the Society of Authors and is never happier than at the keyboard putting her thoughts into words to help others achieve their own goals no matter what they may be. Rona’s books chart the challenges faced on two of her major expeditions. Fast-paced and enthralling they are nevertheless full of quiet observations and interesting insights into the lessons learned when people are faced with working together to outwit the elements.

As she grew up she knew she wanted to write a book but never thought that she had anything of substance to write about. Once she had taken part in the BT Global Challenge Round the World Yacht Race 2000/1 she realised that now she had!  Especially as they had been involved in a horrendous crash in Wellington at the start of the 4th Leg.  When she finally left the yachts at the end of September 2001 she turned her dream into reality.  She had kept a journal as they sailed but found there were several pages completely bare – when she checked the log of the race at the time she realised that this was when she was either deeply depressed and though she could not go on or when things were going so well she was on top of the world and did not have time to write.  Luckily her daughter (through whom all emails in and off the yacht had to go) kept every single email so using those plus the many photographs she had taken, the log of the race and her memory she sat down to her next challenge.  To write a book which others would want to read so that they could share the good, the bad and the ugly of her adventure.

So from the 1st October, Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. she wrote sitting in her living room surrounded by papers, photos and everything she needed to get the essence of the race down on paper.  At 2 p.m. she had her lunch and then worked out what she would write about the next day.  By the 26th March 2002 she had written her book.  The next challenge was to get it printed.

It was hard work to find a publisher – it always is unless you are a well-known name or celebrity but in 2003 her dream came true.  Her first book ‘A Challenge Too Far?’ was published and she was off on her first book signing tour!  In fact, the book was re-printed in four weeks which is very unusual.

Whilst Rona has done a number of different adventures that were exciting scary and very interesting she did not feel that they warranted a book – maybe one day they will become short stories – until she took part in the Nordkapp Expedition which was to open a ‘thought to be impossible’ dog-sled trail to the northern most tip of Europe – Nordkapp.  This was very tough, extremely cold and very arduous but Rona felt there was a story to be told and sat in her favourite place to write ‘Snow, Sleds & Silence’ however, this book became more of a challenge to get published but eventually (the tenacity of an explorer) it was launched in October 2011.

Rona’s next challenge is to write a series of business books – she has ideas in mind for some handy books that business leaders or team players can dip into in order to get back on track or for those who want to question their perception from time to time.