Empower your staff to steer the right course with Rona Cant

Rona has taken on ‘the challenge of a lifetime’ at  an age when most people are thinking of slowing down. She is now an adventurer, author, and inspirational communicator. Her very diverse adventures of racing a yacht the ‘wrong way’ round the world, trekking with bears and cougars, and opening a ‘thought to be impossible’ dog-sled trail to the northern-most tip of Europe enable her to work with organisations across the world empowering their staff to have  the right attitude to achieve their goals.

Rona  will help your organisation to improve their leadership development using lessons learnt on expeditions undertaking in extreme conditions.  Using Keynotes, Interactive-Keynotes, Master-classes and Arctic Leadership Challenges she will help your organisation understand what works and what doesn’t work in leadership and teamwork and how to overcome their obstacles and challenges by thinking differently.

Rona’s journey has taken her from being a stay-at-home ‘Mum’ to business owner to single Mum to round-the-world yachtswoman, author, explorer and now inspirational Keynote Speaker – a journey beset by obstacles and challenges.  Rona is now a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.

Rona knows that it is the ‘belief’ that you can do it which is the basis of success so changing her life from an ‘ordinary’ single Mum to becoming later in life an explorer and business developer she now sees challenges and change as opportunities.  She could be your ‘next door neighbour’ which gives your people a strong belief that if she can achieve her goals so can they!

Rona has worked with very diverse organisations from SME’s, CEO Groups to FTSE 100 Companies and she has inspired audiences at many Conferences to get out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals in the UK, Middle East and Australasia.

M&S Bank TV have been innovative and produced video clips to explain their products so click on Rona’s Journey to hear her thoughts and see her in action near The Needles.

Rona is the author of ‘A Challenge Too Far? – her experiences of racing a yacht the wrong way round the world and ‘Snow, Sleds & Silence – The Story of the Nordkapp Expedition’ a dog-sled trail which the experienced mushers of Norway thought was ‘impossible’ to the northernmost tip of Europe. A trail which she opened with Per Thore Hansen and they now work together on the Arctic Leadership Challenges providing experiential leadership development inside the Arctic Circle.